Oy Vey 5K !

Matt and I ran our second 5K race in as many weekends this morning.  The race had a great name – the “Oy Vey 5K” – and, just like last weekend’s race, it took place in Wallingford, PA.  I had two goals going into this race:  #1 – run faster than last week’s 26:51 time and #2 – finish in under 26 minutes.  And guess what?? I did both!!  My official race time was 25:16 which is a huge PR for me – even better than my best time from high school.  On top of that I was the first female finisher of the race!

Annie - Oy Vey 5K

The Oy Vey 5K was hosted by Congregation Ohev Shalom.  We parked at the Synagogue, walked a short distance into nearby neighborhoods to the start line, and raced on a nice flat out-and-back course.  The race finished back at the synagogue where they had food, water, and raffle prizes for everyone.  All in all a great morning!

Matt was the 7th finisher overall with a time of 24:21 (faster than his time of 24:52 from last week).  I was 8th overall and only about a minute behind Matt the whole race which meant that I could see him most of the time.  Matt didn’t know how close I was until we go to the halfway/turn around point and then he realized that I was right there behind him and he cheered me on.  Woohoo!

Matt - Oy Vey 5K

I think there were a few things that helped me run faster today.  First, my time last week was much better then I expected so that gave me the confidence to set my sights on an even faster goal this week.  I went out aggressively in pursuit of my sub-26 goal (7:47 1st mile) so that put me on track for a good time even when I got tired towards the end.  Secondly, the course was really flat which was very nice after last weeks’ (seemingly) mountainous terrain.  🙂

I did have one technological glitch during the race.  My running playlist started off as usual with Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance but then, to my horror, I realized that my phone was set to repeat that same song over and over and over again… oh no!  I contemplated trying to fiddle with my iPhone while running (or maybe trying to talk to Siri and get her to fix it??!) but I eventually gave up and just listened to a LOT of Bad Romance.  I think I need to remove that song from my playlist for next week – I’m sick of it!

Here’s RunKeeper’s summary of today’s race.  As usual, the finish time and distance are a little off.  I guess I’d rather have my phone telling me that I still have another .2 to go and then actually be done rather than the other way around though, right?

Oy Vey 5K Runkeeper Stats

I almost forgot to mention… with 1.3 miles left to go in the race I hit 500 miles!!!!  I’ve been running since July 18th and I’ve had a blast.  Here’s to the next 500 miles!

Miles since last post:  28.7
Days since last post:  8
Average Daily Miles since July 18th: 4.91

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31 thoughts on “Oy Vey 5K !

    • Haha, I know! That time was really hard to get last weekend though so I’m a little intimidated now for Saturday’s race. I think maybe I’ll tell myself that I can just run for fun in Saturday’s 5K and then I’ll try to beat my time when we run our next race on Thanksgiving day. 🙂

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