100 Mile iPad Mini Challenge!

After 205 days of streaking our old Schwinn elliptical machine is starting to fall apart.  We have taken this as a sign that it is time to retire the elliptical and invest in a more serious piece of fitness equipment… a treadmill!   After some online research we settled on a NordicTrack and our new treadmill arrived by truck at 9:20PM last Wednesday night (gotta love that “12-6” delivery window..!).  Undeterred by the late hour, we happily pushed, pulled and heaved the 350 lb. machine up a half flight of stairs and carefully maneuvered it into the spot that the elliptical had occupied in our little home gym.  After some minor assembly we were good to go!

My new toy!

Our new treadmill!

My workout routine has completely changed since the treadmill arrived.  Throughout the first half of July I had been faithfully sticking to my mile a day streak, but now over the past six days I’ve been averaging more than THREE miles a day!  I’m sure the novelty of the treadmill’s map-based workouts and HD video runs will wear off eventually, but for now I’m going to keep my extreme workout schedule going by setting a goal:

If I complete 100 miles on the treadmill by August 28th I can buy myself an iPad mini!

Why an iPad Mini, you ask?  After lugging three books along on our honeymoon (and reading all of them) I came to the realization that a tiny eReader capable of housing dozens of books would be a great investment.  I looked at various options and determined that an eReader that also happens to be an iPad sounds pretty awesome!  As for the origin of my August 28th deadline?  Easy.  We’ll be going to a hunting camp in central PA for Labor Day weekend and I hope to spend lots of quality time in a rocking chair on the porch reading books on my iPad mini!  🙂

So… 100 miles by August 28th.  Including the miles that I’ve put in since last Thursday, this leaves me with 35 days to complete 80.6 miles.  That’s about 2.3 miles a day.  Think I can do it?  I’ll be posting updates that look like this:

Miles since last post:  19.4
Miles until iPad Mini: 80.6
Days until Deadline: 35

Wish me luck!!


38 thoughts on “100 Mile iPad Mini Challenge!

  1. Love it! You’ll totally be able to do it 🙂 Keep us updated on the progress.

    *Funny sidebar: Casey and I were talking about how I feel like I run farther on the treadmill than the elliptical.

    • I definitely agree that the treadmill feels more liberating to work out on. The elliptical kept my strides pretty short and it feels good to be able to stretch out and run! (It also feels good to just walk… I need to work my way up to being able to run that many miles without taking walking breaks!) 🙂

      • Haha. I hear you — had a similar experience on a jog/walk (more of a walk really) around the neighborhood this weekend. I feel like I need a lot of walking breaks. Enjoy the new equipment (and the iPad ;))

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