Trinity Presbyterian 5K

This morning Matt and I completed three race weekends in a row with the Trinity Presbyterian 5K Run/Walk in Berwyn, PA.  The course wound through Berwyn’s neighborhoods and took us right by my grandparents’ old house.  I have many fond memories of their neighborhood (it’s where I learned to ride a bike!) so it was neat to run through it during the first mile of the race.

Annie at Trinity 5K

This was the most competitive race that we’ve gone to so far.  The guy who won finished in 16 minutes!!  Matt finished 13th overall with a 24:31 and I was 16th overall and 3rd place female with a 25:48.  We both didn’t feel as fast as we did in last weeks’ Oy Vey 5K but that’s probably because today’s race ended with a looooong uphill climb.  I had to walk a little up the hill but I’m still very happy with my second sub-26 minute time in 2 weeks!

Matt at Trinity 5K

Today’s weather was absolutely gorgeous.  The Fall leaves were at their peak color, the cloud-streaked blue sky looked like a work of art, and the temperature was in the mid-fifties.  I snapped this photo of Trinity Presbyterian Church before the race went off.  Wasn’t it beautiful out?

Trinity Presbyterian Church Berwyn

I finally figured out how to edit my run on Runkeeper to show the correct time which is good since I’m not usually very quick about hitting “end run” on my iPhone when I cross the finish line.  Here’s the official Runkeeper recap.  I’m proud of that 6:59 first mile split but as expected I slowed down big time at the end… that final hill was evil!!

Trinity 5K Runkeeper Stats

After three weekends in a row Matt and I now get to enjoy a few weeks off from racing.  Our next 5K is Thanksgiving day and I’m already looking forward to it!

Miles since last post:  21.9
Days since last post:  6
Average Daily Miles since July 18th: 4.84

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