Let’s Go Streaking!!

Join me for a Holiday streak by completing a mile a day
from Thanksgiving to New Year’s!

364 days ago I decided it was time to get off the couch and start exercising.  I publicly committed to a challenge that seemed pretty manageable…  all I had to do was walk, run, elliptical, or otherwise move myself one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  This challenge really motivated me and I soon learned that it’s actually very easy to squeeze a single mile into my daily routine!

I first read about streaking on a friends blog (thanks Jocelyn!) where I learned that Holiday Streaking is an official Runner’s World challenge.  The concept is simple: commit to your mile-a-day and then, once you get into a routine, you’ll be hooked and you will do anything to complete your mile and keep your streak going!  The streak is also conveniently timed for the holiday season when we’re all probably drinking and eating a little more than usual so the regular exercise really pays off.

We're Streaking!

Last year I liked streaking so much that I decided to keep going for 205 consecutive days before taking a break for our honeymoon.  I started back up on July 1st and I’m currently on day 144 of my new streak.  My second streak acted as sort of a gateway to even more mileage when we got a treadmill in mid-July and I think I’m now officially addicted to running!

Matt and I will be kicking off our Thanksgiving festivities with the Seven Summits 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday morning.  I’m really looking forward to the race AND to all of the mashed potatoes and stuffing that I will victoriously eat afterwards.  Yum!

Will you streak with me from Thanksgiving to New Year’s?
Declare your intent in the comments below!

Since this is a running post I can’t end without noting my latest running tally… 600 miles is history!

Miles since last post:  90.8
Days since last post:  19
Average Daily Miles since July 18th: 4.83

25 thoughts on “Let’s Go Streaking!!

  1. I need to get myself in shape so Cello and I are IN! …”up the quad and to the gymnasium” we go…one mile at a time starting this Thanksgiving! We will be camping for Thanksgiving – should make for a cold start !!

    • Excellent! Glad to have you both join the streak. 🙂 But yes, BRRRRR! Thanksgiving is going to be chilly. Does Cello get cold when you camp or does she snuggle with you for warmth? We ended up having to buy Bailey her own sleeping bag because she’s a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures.

      • This is exactly what I needed! — I have been avoiding exercise of any sort! And Cello needs all the energy-draining activity she can handle so she will make the perfect running partner! We went from tent camping to “GLAMping” in our new travel trailer so Cello now has a temperature controlled camping environment! She loved tent camping, but I think she is loving the GLAMping life even more!! 😉

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