100 Miles in 21 Days!

I did it!!!  I completed my goal of 100 miles in just HALF the time I originally planned!  My 100 Mile iPad Mini Challenge officially began on July 18th and this afternoon at 4:45PM after just 21 days I breezed by the 100 mile mark on my treadmill.  Woohoo!

Miles since last post:  50.4
Days since last post:  9
Days until Deadline: 20
TOTAL MILES: 101.1 !!!

Matt helped me make a cool Excel graph that charts my daily miles, shows my total miles completed so far, and (my favorite part) predicts out my future miles based on my current pace.  I love graphs and charts and it’s been very rewarding to enter in my miles each day to see my progress.  Here’s the graph as of today:

100 Mile Challenge Graph (8/7/13)

So… this means that I can get an iPad Mini now!  Of course now that I’ve ‘earned’ it I’m a little worried that Apple is going to announce the release of an iPad Mini 2 right after I invest in the old model.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about this (I’ve had a lot of time to think on the treadmill!) and I have decided that I’m going to wait and purchase a new iPad Mini 2 when it comes out.  The release date has not been revealed yet so I will spend a little more time reading ‘real’ books until then! 🙂

So where do I go from here?  I am going to increase my original challenge since apparently 100 miles was too easy.  My new goal is to complete 150 miles by my original deadline of August 28th.  Full speed ahead!

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