100 Mile iPad Mini Challenge: 49 Miles to Go!

Last Tuesday I challenged myself to run 100 miles in 42 days and I’ve been running like crazy ever since!  Wednesday will mark the end of week two of my challenge and I’m currently on pace to complete 100 miles in just 24 days!

Miles since last post:  31.3
Days since last post:  6
Miles until iPad Mini: 49.3
Days until Deadline: 29

I realize that my timing is sort of backwards with the whole fitness thing… most people would have started working out before getting married to get ready for the big day but I, on the other hand, waited until after our wedding to get back into a serious exercise routine.  In my mind the reasoning is very simple — there’s no way that I had time to run/walk 5 miles a day in addition to all of the DIY wedding projects, vendor coordination and planning that I needed to get done before the wedding.  Now that our wedding is over and life is returning to normal I feel like I have oodles of free time and I’m happy to spend some of it working out!  🙂

Oh yeah… I got new purple running shoes on Saturday because my old sneakers were woefully worn out.  Like ’em?

New Running Shoes!

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8 thoughts on “100 Mile iPad Mini Challenge: 49 Miles to Go!

  1. Awesome job with the running! I need to do something like that to motivate myself.

    I love the purple shoes! I have bright blue ones 😉

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