DockDogs Eastern Regional Championships 2013

Less than 72 hours after returning home from our St. Lucia honeymoon Matt and I packed up the Subaru and set out with Bailey to the WISP Resort in western Maryland for the 2013 DockDogs Eastern Regional Championships!  If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember that last year at the 2012 Regional Championships Bailey earned an invitation to Worlds by placing 4th in the Elite Big Air division.  Bailey didn’t do quite as well this year but we still had a blast!!

Bailey the Little GSP!

Bailey’s best Big Air jump of the weekend was 21’2″ and she grabbed 5’10” in Extreme Vertical.  I think that’s pretty good considering that she hadn’t jumped off a dock since last November!  🙂  Here’s a sequence of one of her Extreme Vertical jumps:

Bailey EV PhotosOne of my favorite things about DockDogs events is that Matt and I get to spend quality time snuggling with Bailey.  She is not allowed in our bed at home, but when we travel to pet-friendly hotels she sleeps with us and she makes herself very comfortable on our bed when we leave her alone in the room.  We have an ongoing battle where we try to shield the pillows with blankets (because, as much as I love Bailey, it’s not my goal to sleep on a pillow that’s been nuzzled by a dog dipped in DockDogs pool water!) but, try as we might, Bailey always burrows her way under the blankets and we return to find her nestled in a luxurious doggie pillow nest.  (It’s adorable.)  I’ll have to try to get a photo of Bailey on the bed next time, but for now here are some other photos from the weekend!

This next photo cracks me up… I always let Bailey watch the dog before her jump to get her excited but I didn’t realize that Matt was capturing the moment on camera!  The jumping dog is Mojo, a fellow Delmarva DockDogs club member, and yes, that’s Bailey’s little head peeking over the side of the pool!! (And me making a funny face… I was telling her to look!)

Bailey getting psyched up watching Mojo

Good times.  Well, that’s about it for the event recap.  Thanks for stopping by!

Bailey doesn't want to get out of the pool!

7 thoughts on “DockDogs Eastern Regional Championships 2013

  1. Congrats on the invite to Worlds, Bailey!! Great job!!

    Spike makes pillow nests, too! It’s adorable, but annoying sometimes 😉

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