Seeing Double… A GSP House Guest!

Just before Christmas 2012 Matt’s parents rescued a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer and named her Bella.  Prior to her rescue Bella was discovered by a forest ranger wandering around in a New Jersey state forest (in cold winter weather!!) and she was underfed and seriously in need of a loving family.  Lucky for Bella, Matt’s parents welcomed her into their home and she is now enjoying a comfortable, happy life with her new family!

Bella the GSP

Bailey and Bella are really similar in size and coloring.  We sometimes joke that Bella could be Bailey’s sister… after all, Bailey was the runt of a 10-puppy litter born just 30 minutes from the state forest where Bella was found!  Biological siblings or not, Bella and Bailey are great friends and we take care of Bella when Matt’s parents are out of town.  We have Bella this weekend and I had fun doing a mini photoshoot with the GSP girls.

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As you can see, Bailey and Bella are in a constant competition to steal each other’s toys.  Today they were vying for the same orange squeaky toy.  Aren’t they cute?

We don’t know what Bella’s background is, but she definitely has good hunting instincts.  Today she discovered a monarch butterfly in my flower garden and spent quite a while stalking and pointing at it.  Bailey used to point at butterflies but seems to have lost interest in them… now she focuses on squirrels, groundhogs and birds!

As I write this post we’re watching TV in our home office with the two dogs.  Bailey is snuggled comfortably on Bella’s bed (because Bailey is a HUGE bed hog!) and Bella has generously decided that that’s OK and she is alternating between lying on the floor at Matt’s feet and curling up in an awkwardly tiny ball on Bailey’s very small bed.  What a good pup!  Soon we’ll put both dogs to bed so they can rest up for another fun day in the back yard tomorrow!

371 Bailey and Bella looking different ways

Does your dog have a best friend?  Tell me about them!  🙂

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9 thoughts on “Seeing Double… A GSP House Guest!

  1. How freakin’ cute!! They look so alike! When I saw the pictures on Flickr, I was really confused by the Bella captions, haha.

  2. Wow, am I behind the times or what? I’ve been catching up on blogs I used to read (but haven’t had the time over the past several months) and finally got to this post (I love that you write about GSPs AND food; two of my favourite things!)

    My 8 yr old GSP Gatsby not only has a best friend, but IS a best friend! I adopted him about 2 years ago to be a companion to my then 1.5 year old GSP/Lab (Lola) who had major separation anxiety. After working with a dog behaviourist for over two months and mostly resolving the issue, she still wasn’t 100% happy to be home all by her lonesome.

    So I started looking on Petfinder for a GSP buddy for her, hopefully an older and more “stable” dog that would help her feel less fearful and anxious. That was when I saw Gatsby who was 6 years old and up for adoption through a rescue in Utah (I live in Arizona). I contacted them and found out, lo and behold, he was not only in Arizona, but in Tucson where I live! He was at a boarding kennel while they were trying to arrange transport to get him to Utah and had been rescued from a hoarder near Phoenix two months prior to that (about 20 lbs. underweight, covered in ticks, and full of tapeworms the poor guy).

    It was a match made in heaven for all three of us! 🙂

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