Streaking, Reflections, and Other December Challenges

I don’t usually take part in online challenges but I am making several exceptions this month!  Here’s a quick run down of the fun challenges that I will be participating in for December:

1.  I’m Going Streaking!!

As a part of the Runner’s World “Streak,”  I have committed to run, walk, or elliptical at least 1 mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  I completed my mile for day 12 of the streak this morning and I feel great!

“Streaking” is a big deal for me because, although I was a runner in college, I’ve really done very, very little running since graduating in 2007.  I am usually quite content to come home from work and make dinner/watch TV/blog/do anything besides exercise.  But all of that has changed since I started my streak on Thanksgiving.  Now I actually wake up BEFORE work (something I never would have believed that I’d ever do!) and I elliptical my mile while groggily watching the morning traffic and news.  It’s an awesome feeling to come home from work and know that I have already finished my exercising for the day.  🙂

I have to give a quick shout out to Jocelyn from Running Noodle because without Jocelyn I never would have known that the Streak challenge existed.  I read Jocelyn’s “Streaking” Post last winter and decided then and there that I would try streaking myself this year.  I learned this weekend that streaking is actually a whole blog/twitter/social media “thing” with it’s own hashtag (#RWStreak) so I guess I’ll start tagging my streaking posts from now on!

weekly photo contest - "reflection"

2.  Weekly Photo Challenge: REFLECTION

I kept seeing posts with beautiful “reflection” photos featured in my WordPress reader so I did some investigating and learned that WordPress sponsors a Weekly Photo Challenge.  It’s easy to participate so I thought this would be a fun way to add to my December challenges.  I think to actually join the challenge properly I need to create a brand new post titled “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection” but this post will have to suffice for week 1.

I have two photos featuring reflections for this week.  The first (above) is a rare self-portrait of me taking a photo of Bailey via the car’s rear view mirror.  She loves car rides!  (Ignore my wrinkly forehead… I was thinking hard!)  The second (below) is a photo of a Delmarva DockDog named Sam.  I love how Sam and his toy are converging with their reflections!

weekly photo contest - "reflection"

3.  25 Days of Christmas Photo Challenge

Yes, another photo challenge.  (When I decide to do something I go all out!)  I learned about this photo challenge from Pami at Pa-BLAM.  There’s a nice holiday-themed topic for each day and, like Pami, I will probably do a post every 7 days or so with the photos from the previous week.  I’m going to have to rely on some holiday photo archives for a few of these though… I mean, I HOPE that I see snow on December 7th but at this point that’s not looking too likely!

25 Day Photo Challenge

OK, well that just about sums up my December challenges.  I think that #3 is going to be really fun but overall I am most excited about Streaking.  Wish me luck!   🙂

20 thoughts on “Streaking, Reflections, and Other December Challenges

  1. You’re going to be busy this month! I’m glad you’re joining in with my challenge. It’ll motivate me to actually finish it, haha.

    Good luck with everything! I need to start running again!

    • It is going to be a busy month but I think it will be fun to look back on. And really the mile a day is only adding about 8 minutes to my daily routine because I’m squeezing it in in the morning when I’d just be checking my email anyway (now I read my emails on the elliptical!).

  2. Love both reflection pictures. I wish I had more time to do a Christmas challenge but I have finals all next week and I am struggling already trying to keep up with remembering to shower, eat and sleep non the less adding more craziness into the mix.

  3. I love the reflection pictures! Very cool. As for the Christmas photo challenge, that looks like a lot of fun and (even tho it’s start already) I might steal the idea from you and Pami. Where I’ll find snow on 12/7 in Phoenix will be mystery — but you never know!

    Good luck with your challenges and kudos for having the self discipline for the “Streak”!

    • Thanks Katie! You should definitely join in on the photo challenge. I’m cheating on several of the topics (I think I’ll be posting red rubber boots for “stockings”) so I wouldn’t worry too much about the snow. 🙂

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