Our Four-Legged House Guest

This weekend we had a furry, four-legged guest in our house – Hershey the chocolate lab!  Hershey is my mom’s dog and we occasionally take care of her when my mom is out of town.

Hershey and Bailey spent hours outside playing tug-of-war with their favorite rope toy, cooling off in our shallow “kiddie” pool, and resting in the shade under our viburnum bush.

By the way… see that embroidered green collar that Hershey is wearing?  That’s a gift from Bailey!  Bailey actually won this collar at the Care-A-Lot Dockdogs event in April.  Since Bailey usually wears a plasticized orange collar we had the green prize collar embroidered with Hershey’s name instead.

We dropped Hershey back off at my mom’s house a few hours ago.  She and Bailey will both sleep well tonight after their busy weekend!

Does your dog have a “best” canine friend?  What do they do together all day?

8 thoughts on “Our Four-Legged House Guest

  1. Aww! That’s too cute!! That last picture is adorable!

    My dog’s best friend is my neighbor’s dog. They chase each other along the fence and bark at each other 😉 Nothing too exciting.

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