Mojito Limeade

Happy Spring!  Here in southeastern Pennsylvania our Spring basically arrived overnight.  Last week, on April Fool’s Day we had 2-3 inches of snow and this week the temperatures are in the 80s.  What a change!  The sudden warm up has energized all of our flowers and blooming trees… our first daffodil opened up yesterday and our pear tree’s white blossoms opened up this morning.  I bet that our weeping cherry, crab apples, and maybe even a few tulips will be open by this weekend.  🙂

In honor of our summery weather I wanted to post the recipe for a refreshing beverage that Matt and I whipped up yesterday afternoon.  It’s modeled after Cosi’s Mojito Lemonade but we used a limeade base so we’re calling our version ‘Mojito Limeade.’  Oh, and we didn’t try it yesterday, but this would probably taste great spiked with a little rum…!

"Mojito" Limeade 2

Mojito Limeade  (makes one pitcher)

You will need…
1/3 cup Mint Leaves, loosely packed
1 – 12 oz. can Frozen Limeade Concentrate
Approx. 60 oz. Cold Water (about 5 empty cans full)
2 Limes, cut into thin rounds
2 Lemons, cut into thin rounds

Place the mint leaves and a little bit of the limeade juice into a large pitcher and “muddle” the mint (i.e. crush it) to bring out the flavor.  Add in the rest of the frozen limeade and the water and stir well until the limeade dissolves into the water.  Add the limes, lemons, and ice, stir again, and enjoy!

"Mojito" Limeade

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