Triple Dog Weekend

Triple Dog Weekend

What’s better than enjoying a gorgeous Spring weekend outside in the yard? Sharing that yard with your two best friends, of course! I’m pretty sure that was Piper’s attitude a few weeks ago when Hershey the Chocolate Lab and Bella the GSP spent a long weekend with us.

Piper is 8 months old and full of impish puppy energy. Having two friends over at the same time meant that Piper could keep playing at her usual warp speed while the older dogs took turns resting. Piper would eagerly goad Hershey into a game of tug, then zoom around the yard a couple dozen times with Bella, return to instigate a wrestling match with Hershey, and finish off the rotation with a game of frisbee keep-away with her GSP twin.

During the rare moments when Piper needed a break all three dogs lounged around, blissfully chewing on sticks. SO many sticks! I never knew how many sticks were in our yard until we had three dogs scouring every inch of the lawn in an effort to find the biggest and best specimen. At one point Piper showed up with a small log (where did THAT come from??) and Bella gave her tips on how to position it just right to get the best chewing leverage. (Click on the photos to zoom in and see Piper’s funny expressions – priceless!)

I’m pretty sure that our triple dog weekend was the absolute highlight of Piper’s life thus far. Not only did she spend it with two friends in PERFECT mid-70s weather, she was also finally able to run loose in the yard without a leash or long line attached to her collar! We were in the final stages of training her to our underground “invisible fence” and, since the older dogs both know the boundaries of the yard, this was the perfect opportunity to see what Piper would do on her own with less direct supervision. Piper thoroughly enjoyed her freedom and never once showed any interest in leaving the yard.  Success!

Can you tell how much fun the dogs were having? 😀 Except in that one photo up top where Piper got totally crushed by Hershey… I didn’t realize how hard Hershey fell on her until I saw the photo afterwards!! Luckily none of the dogs sustained any permanent damage over the weekend and everyone went home tired and happy.

Love this pup.

I love this pup. ❤️

Our Bathroom Makeover!

When Matt and I bought our house in February 2011 we bravely tackled several do-it-yourself projects like removing a laundry chute, replacing a toilet, painting, and creating a vegetable garden.  One project that we did not tackle was our ugly, pink and black master bathroom.  The bathroom – well, the whole master “suite,” to be honest – was really unattractive.  All of the trim was painted gloss black, the walls were purple, the tiles were deep fuschia, and the tub, toilet, and sinks were black.  Oh, and let’s not forget the brassy gold faucets.  Can you tell why I didn’t like this bathroom?!

The master bathroom was SO bad that we decided to bring in professional help.  We made some initial floor plan designs, settled on a rough budget and found a contractor that we liked.  Demolition began in late April (it was great to see that black toilet go!) and the whole project took about 8 weeks.

We chose a fairly contemporary style with a neutral gray color palette, natural stacked stone cladding on one wall, a frameless glass shower, and white vessel sinks with sleek chrome fixtures.  We’re thrilled with how the bathroom turned out so I thought I would share a few photos here on my blog!

My dream bathroom! This is the view from the shower.

Our shower floor is covered in smooth black river rocks. They feel great under tired bare feet!

Our huge shower! The dimmable light in the shower contains a hidden exhaust fan.

For anyone in the Delaware County, PA area looking for bathroom remodeling help, here are the companies that we worked with.  We were very happy with all of them so please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about them!

Contractor:  Gavin Design-Build (Media, PA)
Fixtures / Vanity:  Ferguson (King of Prussia, PA)
Tile / Stone Cladding:  Avalon Carpet, Tile and Flooring (Wilmington, DE)