What’s Cookin’?

I haven’t posted a new recipe on the blog for a while but, rest assured, Matt and I are eating well!  We’ve been re-making a lot of our favorite recipes and, quite frankly, I’m finding less motivation to try new recipes since we know we can throw together a garlicky pasta dish, flavorful stir fry, or quick rotisserie chicken burrito in less than a hour with delicious results.  Here are some of the dishes that we’ve been enjoying this Spring…  (mouse over for a link to each recipe)

This Spring has been pretty hectic with traveling, racing, and LOTS of yard work, but I have a feeling that things will slow down soon and we’ll find ourselves paging through our trusty cook books in search of new recipes to try.  We’d like to try smoking something (ribs? brisket?) this Summer and maybe try a grilled Romaine recipe.  I also definitely want to make Paella and I’d like to start making more desserts (cobblers and crumbles, anyone?).  I better start looking at those cookbooks!!

Do you have any go-to Summer recipes that you love making at this time of year?  Tell me about them (and feel free to link to them) in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What’s Cookin’?

  1. Glad you’re having a tasty spring, in addition to all the travel, racing and yard work!

    I hear you on the minimal motivation to try new recipes, especially when the arsenal we have works well. Any now that’s it’s over 100 again (and climbing), turning on the stove = only when necessary. Casey gifted me David Lebovitz’s “My Paris Kitchen” and I haven’t been able to decide what to make from it. Maybe next weekend, I’ll just open to a random page and cook that recipe?

    As for baking, cobblers, crumbles, and crisps are a go to favorite of mine, especially for all the fantastic summer berries and stone fruit that are starting the crop up!

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