Birthday Hike at Binky Lee

Smile, it's Friday!

Smile, it’s Friday!

A few weeks ago Matt and I took Piper hiking at Binky Lee Preserve in Chester Springs, PA. It was my birthday so Matt was extra patient when I stopped to take dozens of photos of fall foliage, grasses, and (of course) Piper. Piper was less tolerant of these numerous delays – she prefers to be moving full speed ahead at all times – but I was still able to capture a few shots of her against the gorgeous fall landscape.

Here are some photos from our hike. This really is what Southeastern Pennsylvania looks like in the fall. Isn’t it pretty??!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what a German Shorthaired Pointer with a mouthful of water looks like! I think she was trying to bring some of the creek along for the rest of the hike. 😄

389 mouth fulla water

If you find yourself in northeastern Chester County looking for a place to hike I’d definitely recommend visiting Binky Lee. For more information check out the links below. Happy Friday!

Binky Lee Preserve
1445 Pikeland Road
Chester Spring, PA 19425
Web Site  |  Trail Map  |  Google Maps

455 Piper in fall

6 thoughts on “Birthday Hike at Binky Lee

  1. Aw, what great photos! We’d love to use any of the nature panoramas you’ve taken at Binky Lee, if you’d be willing to share them. We always give photo credit! (And photos like yours help others appreciate our work to save and care for open space in the region.) Thanks in advance! Kirsten Werner, director of communications (
    P.S. Your dog is GORGEOUS. Please do put her on a leash when exploring the preserves… it helps us ensure other visitors, native wildlife, and other dogs are all safe and happy. 🙂

    • Hi Kristen,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I feel very lucky to live in an area filled with parks, trails and beautiful open space. You are welcome to share any of my NLT photos. I think you already found the originals in my flickr account; that’s probably the best place to pull them from since those are the full size images (

      Regarding Piper, she actually is on a leash in 100% of my hiking and park photos. I often photoshop the leash out of the picture afterwards to make her look more natural. I totally agree with you – on-leash dogs ensure that everyone (humans, animals and plants alike) gets a chance to enjoy the preserves!


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