Piper’s First Birthday

Piper turned one last Wednesday! Matt and I considered taking her for a celebratory birthday hike, but it was super hot out and we agreed that all three of us would have been sweaty, panting messes within the first five minutes of any activity we attempted. Instead, we decided that Piper would have the most fun playing in our backyard with her GSP-lookalike, Bella!

1758 Piper's goofy ear-do and Bella_

Bella belongs to Matt’s parents. She stayed with us for a few weeks in August and during that time Piper was absolutely thrilled to have a live-in playmate. These dogs have very similar styles of play and spent hours running at top speed around the yard, playing tug of war, and wrestling with one another. Here are some photos of them playing on Piper’s birthday afternoon. (Piper’s in the orange collar.)

After all of that fun I think it’s safe to say that Piper had a fantastic first birthday!!

Pair of Pointers

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14 thoughts on “Piper’s First Birthday

    • Thank you!! They really do have a ton of fun playing together. Sometimes one dog will actually “win” tug of war and get the toy all to themselves, and then they have no idea what to do with it so they just ram back into the other dog and resume their game of tug. Very entertaining to watch!

  1. Wonderful photos and happy first birthday Piper!

    Also our pups have that toy but in blue! I recently unearthed it trying to find a toy that might interest our puppy…none of our dogs like it haha so glad to see some pups having fun with it 🙂

    • That’s so funny that your dogs have the same toy! Piper never, ever plays with this toy on her own. As soon as Bella comes over to visit, however, the two pups find the toy where ever it’s been hiding in the yard and play with it for HOURS. They play so rough that most toys get ripped to shreds but this orange thing has been going strong.

  2. I love that Piper!!!! Happy Birthday!!! And I have to be honest, Miss Bella’s face is that of my very own Drunk Otis! Those chocolates have some GSP in there somewhere!!! Such great shots Annie. 🙂

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