Recipes, Consolidated!

Woohoo!  My recipes are now organized into a single user-friendly index.
View my consolidated recipes here!

After nearly six months of blogging, this site now features more than 35 recipes ranging from homemade meatballs to pork tinga tacos.  But guess what?  Up until now these recipes have been hard to find unless you knew the exact keyword or date that the recipe was published.  If you wanted to browse my recipe offerings your only option was to keep scrolling down on the home page forever until you reached a recipe that sounded good, but who has the patience to do that?

Frustrated by my inability to easily view all of my recipes in one place at one time, I set about creating a complete recipe index.  I had a vision of this index having two columns so that you could see twice as many recipes at a time (I’m not a fan of continuously scrolling down, can you tell?) but I soon realized that simply “making two columns” involves creating an HTML table which is no small feat for an HTML-illiterate blogger such as myself.

Determined to realize my dream of a beautiful columned recipe index, I started learning the (very basic) basics of table-making in HTML.  Ultimately I was able to create a no-frills spreadsheet table in Excel, save it as a web page, open it in Firefox, view the page source code, copy out the specific section of code dealing with my table, paste the table into WordPress’s “text” editor, and re-size the columns so that they fit within my page’s formatted size and look good on a mobile device.  Whew!  All of that learning was totally worth it though because now I have a wonderful recipe index!  Go check it out!  🙂

Voila! My vision of a two-columned recipe index has been fulfilled!

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