It’s Bailey!

The Little GSP times three

Three of my favorite non-action photos of Bailey

This is our German Shorthaired Pointer, Bailey.  Bailey was born in May 2007 in Lambertville, NJ and we brought her home when she was 7 weeks old.  Bailey is full of energy and has an extra short tail “nub.”  She earned her nickname, “The Little GSP,” at the Dockdogs events that we compete in because she is very petite for a German Shorthair and she is usually much smaller than her Labrador, Chessie, and Malinois competitors on the dock.  Her favorite toys are her floppy disc frisbee, her red wubba, and her plush “migrator” ducks (she has a whole flock of them).  Bailey has very soft ears and loves to snuggle in the winter when it’s cold out.

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