The End of Blog-Crastination

Is it possible that I haven’t blogged since September? Yup. And the worst part is, the longer I wait to compose a new post, the harder it becomes to get motivated to actually sit down and write! Case in point: I have now run seven (SEVEN!) races since my last race recap. I’m a stickler for chronological recaps, and knowing that I need to reminisce all the way back to a mediocre race in early October before I can regale you with tales about my first California race (in San Diego!!) and my most recent 5K with Piper makes it that much harder to buckle down and get the writing done.

But today I’m putting an end to my blog-crastination! I am ignoring all of those accumulated races and turning to my favorite four-legged friend for inspiration. So without further ado, here’s a selection of photos (in chronological order) of Piper doing her thing from May thru December. Enjoy!

Did you make it through all of those photos? (Thanks!😉) Which is your favorite? I’m partial to Piper in her orange goggles. 🤓

7 thoughts on “The End of Blog-Crastination

  1. Perfect start to a blog again – filled with gorgeous photos of gorgeous Piper. I know how you feel – I too haven’t blogged in a while. Seemed to have lost my mojo. Piper you are as beautiful as ever – thanks for sharing your photos xo

  2. I ADORE PIPER. And are you serious?!?! I have to pick a favorite?!? Treadmill, Honey, Turkey? Who am I kidding. All of them. I hear you on the blog-crastination. I was guilty of it for months. I’m glad your back. 🙂 Now about those 7 races, Lady…..

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