Weekend Getaway to Skaneateles, NY

Matt and I have been having a great summer so far, with lots of long weekend vacations including the Hunting Camp, Bethany Beach, and a 4th of July celebration on the Jersey shore. We still have a few trips ahead of us, including the Poconos and Vermont in September and a combined business/pleasure trip to California in October. (We’ll be driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible… I’m SO excited!!)

339 Bonfire by the lake

Our most recent weekend getaway took us to the gorgeous Finger Lake region of New York. We stayed with my brother and his fiance’s family at their house on Skaneateles Lake. I hadn’t been to the Finger Lakes before this and wow… I never knew what I was missing!! The views were breathtaking, the water was crystal clear, and the whole area had a relaxing, laid back vibe that was perfect for a mini vacation.

273 Piper waiting patiently for me to throw the stick

Piper is now a total water-loving fiend, so naturally she came along with us and spent hours in the lake. The water was so clear that I could stand knee-deep and still read the logo on my shoes. Unreal!! In fact, the water was SO clear that I actually went swimming… a rarity for this “dark-water” fearing girl!

The house that we stayed in was built in the 1890s. It was floor-to-ceiling dark, varnished hardwood and featured a wraparound porch, 9+ bedrooms, a huge kitchen, and, of course, amazing lake views out of nearly every window.

The sides of Skaneateles Lake are very steep so in order to get down to the house and lake front we drove straight down a half-mile long cliff driveway. This made for a fun start to my run on Saturday morning!! A creek bisects the property as it tumbles down from the main road to the lake. My brother, his future father-in-law and I followed the creek’s course up to the road and scaled several waterfalls in the process. The water was perfectly clear and I loved how it slid effortlessly over the shale rock formations on its way down to the lake below.

There were six dogs at Skaneateles including Piper. We tried to get Piper to follow the yellow Labs as they confidently jumped off the dock but she wasn’t so sure she wanted to take the leap. Instead, Piper entertained herself by retrieving EVERY SINGLE STICK we could find on the edge of the lake. After paddling each stick safely to shore Piper would proceed to chew it up until it was unrecognizable. (Unfortunately she also found the S’mores stick stockpile and chewed those to smithereens… oh well, she was on vacation!!)

In addition to fun at the lake and house, we also visited the local winery two (two!) times and had dinner in the cute little town of Skaneateles, New York. Our hosts recommended that we stop by Doug’s Fish Fry for dinner and they were spot on… best fried fish sandwich I’ve ever had!! I was too busy stuffing my face to take a photo, sorry. 😆

We wrapped up each night with a big bonfire by the lake. The weather was pleasantly cool and breezy and the views of the full “blue” moon were ridiculous. We sat by the fire as this moon rose up over the horizon… I sure was happy that I still happened to have my camera on me!

Matt, Piper and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend at Skaneateles Lake. Thank you to our hosts and hopefully we’ll get to return next summer! I know Piper has certainly spent many happy nights dreaming about sticks and blue water ever since… 😄
131 Piper galloping thru the water


13 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway to Skaneateles, NY

  1. Gorgeous! Can we come as AirBnB guests?????

    I love the drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. I’ve done it several times. If you’re going to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle, I highly recommend seeing the often overlooked gem of NittWitt Ridge in nearby Cambria.

    • Haha, sure! The owners actually rent it out all summer and they just reserve 1-2 weeks for themselves.

      Thank you for the PCH tips! I’m asking everyone I know who’s been there for their recommendations. Matt and I will only have 3 full days to get from LA to SFO so we are trying to figure out how best to use our time. I think as of now our goal is to get to the Carmel area as quickly as possible and then use that as our base station to see Big Sur, Point Lobos, Pebble Beach, Monterrey, etc. I can’t wait!

    • Hahaha, that Drunk Otis is SO smart! I think he would definitely love it there. The steep sloping hillside going up away from the lake formed a natural barrier that helped all of the dogs understand that they should stay in the house/yard/lakefront area which was great. Doggie paradise!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! We were actually talking about going to the five finger lakes next summer. Your post as convinced me that it is a good idea!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog while searching dock diving and short hair pointers. We have a beautiful GSP girl living with us. My dad who lives in Skaneateles got her last fall and became very ill within weeks of her delivery by her breeder, dad always wanted a GSP, but his health really prevented many challenges with him eventually making his way to New England, where I and my sister live with our families, to get treatment at Boston’s Mass General. The care and doctors are amazing and dad has improved dramatically. In the end, Gretchen is now with us in New Hampshire.

    Gretchen is pure love and joy for us and a piece of my dad living with us. Dad’s health has improved enough for him to return to Skaneateles through the grace of our lord. Gretchen has become a member of our family, a loyal friend, warm heart with unconditional love. She is a snuggler, draping her “arms” around her humans, and best pal to my 12 year old, Allie. She reminds me so much of your gals, Piper and beloved Bailey.

    My dad dreamed of Gretchen getting her confirmation AKC championship – which she just needs 2 majors to finish, so she was showing and living with a handler for several months. Gretchen came home to us for Christmas and she now is back with her blonde girl, Allie- the bond they share is beyond words.

    As I read your blog, I live learning of your adventures, experiences, and zest for living the ordinary life with a “seize the day”attitude.

    On this New Year’s Day, thanks for sharing your joyful blog, I look forward to reading it in the coming year. I think we will look at doing some dock diving with Gretchen, while not the pristine Skaneateles Lake, she does have big pool her backyard to enjoy with her dog siblings, Chester, a silky terrier, and Belle, a rambunctious corgi.

    Best wishes and peace in the New Year to you, your’s and of course, Piper.

    PS l loved your descriptions and pictures of Skaneateles and yes,Doug’s is the BEST. If I can figure out my new IPhone, I’ll send you some pics of Gretchen and her blonde girl. The 2 are actually cuddling by the fire now m, exhausted after playing “Star Wars” duels with rolls of wrapping paper.

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