The Bee’s Knees

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Matt is at a lacrosse tournament this weekend so Bailey and I enjoyed a lazy Saturday.  She spent hours lounging in the shade watching for groundhogs, birds, and squirrels (her favorite summer pastime) and I browsed the aisles of Pier 1 (I love looking at all of the plates, trays, and glasses… is that weird?) and spent some time enjoying my garden.

There are several flowers blooming in the garden now including gladiolus, superbells, canna lilies and cosmos.  We planted the cosmos in May and recently they have really taken off.  There are dozens of perfect orange blooms and several bees happily buzzing around from flower to flower.  Here are a few photos of them, enjoy!

9 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

    • Thanks Emily! I’ll consider posting a wide shot of the garden but I’ve got to admit that the flower beds are fairly wild and overgrown (they have been inundated with volunteer tomatoes and squash plants!) so a wide angle might be a little scary. The front door flower bed is the worst because a gigantic mystery squash plant has sent out a vine with huge dinner plate-size leaves all the way over and around a bush. I’ve considered pulling it up but I really want to see what kind of squash it’s going to grow! 🙂

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