Victory! Vine-Ripened Red Tomatoes

Last week I wrote about how I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Red Tomatoes in my garden.  Well, the waiting has come to an end and I am proud to say that my hanging and containerized tomato plants now have a few dozen perfect little red tomatoes on their vines.  Here are some photos… enjoy!  🙂

Tomatoes after the rain this morning (the first rain we’ve had in weeks!)

Tomatoes ripening from the top down.

OK… not a tomato, of course, but also red! Our green jalapeño peppers are ripening to this beautiful red color.

These green tomatoes will be red soon!

Future tomatoes


These tomatoes will be making an appearance in our dinner on Monday.  We’re having Spicy Steak and Potatoes with Roasted Chile Salsa and Tomato Salad with Guajillo Chile Dressing.  Look for a post sometime later in the week!

4 thoughts on “Victory! Vine-Ripened Red Tomatoes

    • I taste-tested two of the tomatoes (delicious!) but I am trying to use some restraint and hold off eating my entire harvest since I want to use them in a salad tomorrow night. Fresh tomatoes definitely beat the supermarket kind any day. 🙂

  1. What!?!? So jealous! Mine are no where near ready. There may be a bell tower in my future if I can’t get tomato sandwiches soon! And I am totally looking forward to the Spicy Steak and Potatoes deliciousness recipe. Yummers.

    • I have noticed that the cherry tomatoes seem to ripen up much sooner than the larger varieties (my plum tomatoes are still pale green and not full size yet). Last year I only had one large heirloom tomato plant that maybe yielded 5 ripe tomatoes the whole summer so it’s very exciting to have some many little ones already! 🙂

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